Wedding dress shopping - Facing your first appointment

You are about to face one of the biggest buying decisions of your life and probably choose the most expensive item of clothing you will ever wear! At Lief Bridal we want all of our Brides to feel confident and excited when they walk through the door of our vintage themed boutique. We have listed a few things for you to consider during your experience to help calm any wedding dress shopping nerves you might have.

1. Keep an open mind.

More often than not, Brides will end up walking away from their appointment having chosen a completely different style of dress to the image they had in their mind when they entered the shop. This is absolutely fine and completely normal! Every Bride is unique as is the way each dress will look once it is off the hanger and being worn. Choosing the right shape, fabric, details etc. of a wedding dress is best left to keeping an open mind. If a dress grabs your attention for more than a few seconds then give it a go, it might surprise you!

2. Surround yourself with people who will support you

Having a good support network around you is important. We usually recommend that our brides bring no more than 4 people to their appointments as this can often become overwhelming when making a final decision. This does not however mean that you absolutely must not have any more or any less of your most important friends and family with you. Be mindful of needing honest, but not hurtful, opinions from your guests and try to factor this in to who you invite to share your experience.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for a break

Wedding dress shopping can be hard work! Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes and your mind will be working overtime trying to make some serious decisions. Appointments usually last around 2 hours so don't be afraid to tell your Bridal consultant that you need a break. Step out of the dresses for a few minutes, grab a drink and maybe even a bit of cake!

4. Bridal Sizing is not what you're used to

Bridal sizing is unique. Every designer will have their own size chart and version of clothing measurements. Don't rely too much on looking at the sizes of the dresses, focus on the style and design and your Bridal consultant will help you visualise how your own gown will look when you have been measured and the correct size has been made especially for you.

5. There is no obligation to buy.

Booking an appointment with a Bridal consultant does not mean that you must then make a purchase from them. This time is for you to explore your options and try on different dress styles, shapes and colours until you find something that makes you feel as amazing as you deserve to feel. If you do find a dress that does this for you and makes you feel excited at the thought of wearing it again on your wedding day then that is the time to buy, not just because you feel obliged.

6. Most Importantly - Enjoy yourself!

Your wedding day is one of life's biggest mile stones. Try to enjoy every second of it and make it your own. It is completely normal to feel nervous at facing such a big decision but you will be in safe hands with your Bridal consultant who will do their best to help you achieve your dream look. Enjoy the attention you receive during your bridal experience, you deserve it!

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