Wedding dress shopping - Facing your first appointment

Bridal Photo shoot - image credit Dan Round Photography

You are about to face one of the biggest buying decisions of your life and probably choose the most expensive item of clothing you will ever wear! At Lief Bridal we want all of our Brides to feel confident and excited when they walk through the door of our vintage themed boutique. We have listed a few things for you to consider during your experience to help calm any wedding dress shopping nerves you might have.

1. Keep an open mind.

More often than not, Brides will end up walking away from their appointment having chosen a completely different style of dress to the image they had in their mind when they entered the shop. This is absolutely fine and completely normal! Every Bride is unique as is the way each dress will look once it is off the hanger and being worn. Choosing the right shape, fabric, details etc. of a wedding dress is best left to keeping an open mind. If a dress grabs your attention for more than a few seconds then give it a go, it might surprise you!

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