A Simple Guide to Wedding Veil Lengths

Choosing a wedding dress can be a tough decision, making sure every detail is perfect for your big day and you're 100% happy with the decision you're making. Understandably, most bride's won't even consider a veil until the dress has been found so we have put together a beginners guide to help when choosing how long to go...

2 tier veil lengths are measured including the blusher which is normally 27", so a veil measuring 108" will be a 27" blusher and an 81" train. If you are opting for a single tier veil with no blusher remember to double check with your bridal consultant first as measurements are sometimes taken from the comb to the end of the veil and sometimes taken from the blusher to the end. This can vary with each designer.

Shoulder length

Usually 45" in length these veils will fall just below the shoulders and are great when paired up with shorter length, ballerina or tea length dresses and when wearing them low in your bridal hairstyle.

Elbow length

Usually 54", this veil suits most dress styles and will cover most of the upper back of the dress. If choosing this length consider the detail on the veil and keep it delicate if you have back detailing that you wish to show off.

Fingertip length

Usually 72", this veil will fall just below the hips. A great option for slim fit wedding dress but best avoided with A-line and ballgown wedding dresses.

Floor length

Usually 90" in length, just touching the floor. Great for adding height to petite brides and when pairing a patterned veil with dresses with a plain train for extra detail.

Puddle train length

Usually 108" this veil should just cover a small train. An easy to wear option for anyone looking for the elegance of a long veil.

Chapel length

Usually 126" in length this veil is brilliant for adding extra length to the train of a dress that can easily be removed later! This length will work with most dress shapes.

Cathedral length

Usually 144", this veil is a fantastic way of making an entrance! If choosing this veil it is important to factor in the wedding venue, for full effect this veil needs a lot of room.

Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is the ultimate alternative to a wedding veil. These vintage style veils are placed to delicately hang across the face, sometimes only covering part of the face and often extending down to the chin. Usually attached to a hair accessory or band these look great when teamed up with vintage tea dresses or slim fit gowns.

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