DIY Wedding Favours

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to really let your personality shine, adding personal touches and ideas to show your friends and family how much you love having them by your side. We have put together a few of our favourite DIY wedding favour ideas to help give you some inspiration!

'Mint to Be'

These super cost effective sweets are easy to make, simply printing personalised stickers, and will allow your guests to carry a reminder of your day with them after your wedding.

Image credit : Little Tree weddings

'Let Love Glow'

Attach personalised labels to glow sticks. These will be great on the dance floor and look fantastic in your pictures.

Image Credit: Perfect Wedding

Fortune teller place name cards

Double up your place name card and wedding favour by printing names onto retro fortune tellers. These will give your guests a bit of entertainment and get the conversation flowing over dinner.

Image credit: Tulle & Chantilly

'Dancing Shoes'

These are a great way to make sure your party runs late into the night! Pop them into a basket with a personalised sign to let people know they are up for grabs if needed.

image credit: Procrastinista

'Have a drink on us!'

If you're planning your wedding months ahead of your big day then why not create your own alcoholic drink? Label with your wedding date for guests to take home as a reminder or raise as a toast to the newlyweds on the day!

image credit: closer online

Emergency hangover kits

Let your guests enjoy their evening without any worries about how they'll feel the morning after your wedding day.

Fill small bags with some painkillers, wet wipes, mints and plasters and attach to bottles of water.

image credit: Before the big day

For the little ones

Pop crayons and colouring books where you have children sitting to keep them entertained between meal courses and during speeches. Maybe even leave them a note and ask them to draw a picture of the happy couple to stick in your guest book!

image credit: Inspired bride

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