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"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..." An age old wedding tradition. Including an item from each of these at your wedding is believed to ensure a long and happy marriage. This advice has been passed down to brides through generations and is considered as important today as it was when our great, great, great Grandparents were getting married!

Recently we've had a lot of brides asking us for ideas about their something borrowed options. Some claim this is the most difficult of the 4 items to source so we've created a list of ideas we have gained from our other brides in the hope that we can help!

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We found jewellery to be the most popular wedding day 'something borrowed' item. Many people will wear a piece of jewellery passed down to them from the wedding or anniversary of a parent or grandparent. This could include a necklace, earrings, rings (wedding rings from grandparents are very popular!), tiaras and brooches. If you have already found your wedding day jewellery then having your borrowed jewellery built in to your wedding bouquet is also a great alternative to allow you to still include a memory from someone important.

Wedding dresses

Many women will keep their wedding dress as a reminder of their big day. Knowing they will probably never wear it again though, most are happy to hand it down to future generations of loved ones. With bridal fashions taking different shapes and styles over the years most girls will opt not to wear the dress of earlier generations but instead borrow parts of it. This includes using lace, fabric, beads and pearls to create hair pieces, bridal belts, garters and handkerchiefs that become heirlooms to pass on again.

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Petticoats and wedding veils Borrowing a petticoat or veil from someone important is both sentimental and practical! Wearing a borrowed petticoat or veil with your own wedding dress will save shopping for your own but also allow you, as a bride, to carry a part of someone else's wedding day luck with you on you own day.

First dance song If you're struggling to find a song for your first dance then borrowing one from the wedding of someone important is a great option. One of our brides not only borrowed the song that her parents had danced to, but had them join in the dance half way through. We can imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the room!

Wedding cake topper or cake knife

Cake toppers are another wedding day memory that lots of couples like to keep hold of after their big day. Usually kept somewhere safe, these tend to remain in great condition so why not use them again? Using a borrowed cake topper is a great way to show your wedding guests that someone important has been part of your wedding day and you've given them pride of place on top of your cake!


If you know someone who has a closely guarded secret recipe then why not ask if you can borrow if for your wedding day? We have heard of brides borrowing recipes to create wedding favours and cocktails for their reception but it doesn't have to stop there. You could borrow a recipe to create your own wedding cake, alcohol or canapes too.

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