Having a fabulous prom!

SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER; four words that a lot of kids have been waiting many years to hear! Exams are being prepared for, the reminiscing has begun; it’s kind of setting in that school’s-almost-over!

Whether that sends a rush of excitement through you or there’s a touch of melancholy in that statement, your prom should be an enjoyable event where you can celebrate what you have achieved throughout your whole school journey. Lief is here to make sure that whatever your experience of school, when you walk through those doors on the eve of your prom you will feel comfortable, confident, and simply beautiful!

Here at Lief we have a selection of prom dresses suited to different tastes and with 150 colours to choose from! From long to small, sleeved to sleeveless, sparkly to plain; we've got you covered. But, wherever you decide to do your prom dress shopping, we'd like to give you a few tips not only to help you to pick the best dress for you, but also tips on how to make the most of your prom!

1. Be open- Be open to different styles because, as with wedding dress shopping, a lot of the time you'll come out of a shop (or website!) having purchased a dress that was not what you had in mind at all at first. Just be willing to try different things, you'd be surprised what you actually like when you start to try things on!

(*Fun Fact* When prom dress shopping with my mom, she picked out a dress that I was not keen on when I saw it on the hanger. BUT THEN, I tried it on and, yes my friends, that dress ended up being my prom dress! And, I loved it. I'm not necessarily telling you to let your mom buy your prom dress [unless she knows what looks good on you and then she can throw suggestions right?] but it's just a great example to show you to give some things a try before completely writing it off!)

You're welcome ^.^

2. Plan your time well- When shopping for your prom, the last thing you want to do is stress yourself. You want it to be a fun experience, so make sure that you don't leave things until the last minute. Lief recommends that you start looking/shopping for your dress around January to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy looking for it, and so that you don't miss out.

3. Don't be afraid to express your personal style- Prom is a time where you can finally ditch the school uniform and wear something that you truly feel comfortable and beautiful in. So don't be afraid to be bold! If that means going all out with: sparkles, glitter, floral patterns, bright colours, corsets, dark colours, WHATEVER, then express yourself in that way!

4.. Treat your prom day like a girly/spa day!- Prom will be an exciting time in your life, but it doesn't necessarily have to cost you an arm and leg! Why not make a day of it? Enjoy your friends' company and treat each other by painting each others' nails, styling each others' hair and getting artistic with your makeup! That way you've; made good use of the day, spent time with the special people in your life, saved money AND you'll have more memories to look back on.

5. When they bring the food out; GET A PLATE!- Another word of advice from personal experience is, unless you're prom includes a three course sit down meal, make sure that you grab a plate of food and stash it away! I made the mistake of waiting because I wasn't hungry. So what happened? No food, happened. Well, no food for me because it was all packed away by the time I decided that I actually wanted something... Don't make the same mistake girls.

6. Dance!-

Whether you're someone with a whole lot of rhythm or none at all, it doesn't matter! Make sure that you make use of the dance floor! It's the end of your secondary school journey, you're allowed to have fun; so have fun! People are usually more laid back at prom anyway, so they probably won't even care if you're moves aren't that great. In fact, you may even inspire others to start dancing and then before you know it, you'll all be dancing together!

7. Remember to show appreciation to those who are making your prom happen- It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, but just don't forget that without the people who are making everything possible for you, you could not have as great a prom as you are going to.

(A little motherly advice from us here at Lief!)

Well girls, you're almost there! We wish you all the best with your exams and we hope you have a FABULOUS prom!

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