Dress of the month - August

The winner of this Dress of the Month is from the collection 'Diamonds' by designer Lilly!

**This dress is now available in floor length!**

Being tea length, this dress is ideal for summer and destination weddings, giving you the freedom to move about without feeling restricted. And, it's lightweight, soft toulle material allows the dress to move freely, allowing for a more relaxed yet still bridal look. Another great thing about this dress is that it's so lightweight, that it'll feel like you've stepped into a cloud and decided to wear it for the day! Yes, it's that good.

Another good thing about this dress is it's versatility. It could easily couple as both an evening dress and a dress for the ceremony itself, meaning that you not only get to look elegant while you say your 'I do's', but you also get to freely spend time with your family and friends without being restricted to just the 'two-step' move: and at no extra cost! The sleeves on this gown are beautifully designed, showing off just enough without feeling too exposed. And,