The Rose and Crown Hotel: Venue FAQ's

We have recently been in touch with the Old Rose and Crown Hotel, to see what questions future brides should be asking when they view a potential wedding venue. The Rose and Crown have been kind enough to give us a list of frequently asked questions, and we've added some info about why these are good questions to ask. We think these questions should be useful to anyone who is looking for the right venue.

The Old Rose and Crown is situated in Birmingham and is around a one-minute walk away from the Lickey Hills Golf course. Given a 4-and-a-half star rating on Trip Advisor and excellent reviews, we are only more than happy to give you lovely ladies and gents sound advice from one of the best in the area. Whatever venue you choose to visit, we hope that this list will be helpful to you.

1. Can we get married here at the hotel?

Wedding planning is already quite a busy time, and if you've planned to say your I do's in peak wedding season you'll find that popular places may get booked up quite quickly. So, if you and your future spouse are open to it, be sure to ask at the venue if the wedding ceremony can take place there, and if so, how much this will cost.

2. Can we decorate the wedding room ourselves?

Sometimes, we want to be creative! We want our weddings to represent who we are as individuals and also to represent the character of our relationship. If this is important to you, then do make sure that you have asked this all important question to avoid disappointment.

3. How do I go about booking my wedding?

This may seem pretty common sense, but just a reminder that it's ok to ask questions like this, and it may be helpful for you to take a small notepad and pen to jot down anything that you may forget. All venues will have their own way of doing things so just keep that in mind and don't assume that all the venues you visit will operate in the same way!

4. How many people can you seat for a sit-down meal?

To avoid any awkward moments with your guests, it would be a good idea to ask the venue how many people the venue can cater for. You don't want to be shooing anyone away for fire safety purposes...

5. Do you provide meals for vegans and guests with food allergies?

If you have guests attending your wedding that have any sort of special requirement when it comes to food, make sure that you ask the venue if they cater for said people. It may be one of the last things on your mind but just try to remember so that you know if the venue will be right for you in terms of food.

6. Can we stay at the hotel the night before?

This one is good for those that want stress levels and fuss down to a minimum. Staying at the hotel the night before ensures that everyone is in the same place, and there's less of a risk of being late.

Well, that's the idea...

7. Do you provide package deals which cover food and drink?

Weddings are expensive enough as it is. If even the idea of gettting your own caterers in causes you to wince, it's worth checking with the hotel if they can offer catering services for you as a packaged deal with the hire of the venue. It's another weight off of your shoulders because, again, the caterers are on sight so there is no chance of delays due to heavy traffic etc. And, you'll be saving yourself money bceause you'll be getting the food at a discounted price. Win-win.

8. Can we have; a sweet trolley, chocolate fountain, photo booth, casino, popcorn and slush machine, ice cream bicycle, starlight dance floor?

There's no harm in asking if the hotel provides these services, it just means you don't have to go searching elsewhere when you could get it/them for a better deal at your hotel venue! And, if you're going to be having little ones at your wedding, there's something to keep them occupied!

9. When do I have to pay the final balance for wedding?

Don't leave the venue before you've asked this question! They'll probably tell you at some point during your visit, but do yourself some favours and be ahead of the game. Hotels take a deposit, so it's important to ask when they will require the remaining amount so that you have the money good and ready. You don't want to find yourself penniless because you haven't budgeted properly!

Stay ahead of the game!

So don't forget to add these questions to your list of 'what to ask potential wedding venues' - if they apply to you.

We hope this has been helpful for you and wish you all the best in your search for the perfect venue!

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