Ask the Experts- Wedding Stationery

It’s only natural to have questions when it comes to planning for your wedding, and today, it’s all about wedding stationery! So, we’ve asked Michelle at Meant To Be Wedding Stationery to provide us with some of the answers to those questions!

Lief: How soon should couples be planning to book your services before their wedding?

MTB: I would advise at least 9 months before invites are sent out 5/6 months Prior to The wedding so we would need time to arrange a consultation & to design samples for them to choose from.

Lief: How much roughly should they budget for services like yours? Does this change with different seasons and days of the week?

MTB: Cost does totally depend on design. As they are totally unique to each couple, it would be according to workload and supplies needed. I do require a 30% deposit and then further payment on collection.

Lief: What questions do your couples ask you most? Common concerns, queries etc.

MTB: Most commonly asked questions are usually regarding the cost of the stationery and also the time it would take for the stationery to be completed.

Lief: What is your busiest time of year? And what is your favourite time of year to work?

MTB: The busiest time of year are the months running up to the summer season. I don’t particularly have one favourite time of year to work, but I'm a great lover of Christmas and love to make designs around this theme. But to be honest, I just love a good wedding all year round!

Lief: What is your top tip for couples to make sure their wedding day runs smoothly?

MTB: Couples should do lots of forward planning but they should also be prepared to have to make changes if needed. Other than that, it’s important to just enjoy of the day.

Lief: Do you have any advice for couples when choosing their wedding venue?

MTB: When choosing a venue, take into consideration the requirements of your guests. For example, if you are going to have children and elderly people at your wedding, you may want to think about choosing a venue that doesn’t have too many stairs running up to the building or in the venue itself. When catering for those with disabilities, try to pick a venue that is accessible to those who require wheelchairs, scooters etc. Other things to consider are; whether the venue is a suitable travelling distance for guests, whether the venue is suited to the theme of your wedding and finally whether the venue will be suitable to the dietary requirements of your guests (if catering is included at the venue).

But most of all, enjoy becoming Husband and Wife!

If you haven’t had a chance to already, why not pop over and take a look at a previous blog post where you can get to know Michelle at Meant To Be Wedding Stationery a bit better. As always, thanks for reading and take care!

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