Finding Your Bridal Style

Congratulations… you said yes - And now the fun begins! For those of you who know your bridal style, this really is the fun part… bringing your lifelong vision to life. For others, wedding planning can be an overwhelming array of styles and options and not knowing where on earth to start.

So, we’re here with this post, to help you try and identify your bridal style and help focus your mind for the rest of your wedding planning journey.

1. Boho Bride

You may have heard the term a million times but what actually is a boho bride? Think natural, unstructured, inspired by nature. Boho brides often choose to wear their hair in braids and choose romantic, unstructured wedding dresses made from materials such as lace, chiffon and other flowing fabrics.

Here are a couple of wedding dresses from our Birmingham bridal shop that would be perfect for a boho bride…

Daisy - Casablanca