Top 5 Tips When Visiting Wedding Fairs

Once wedding season comes to a close, wedding fair season ramps right up! We have already seen a number of incredible fairs including the biggest in our region - the National Wedding Show at the Birmingham NEC (planned again for Feb 2020 if you missed it!). But there are so many more in the calendar over the next few months that we thought we'd put together our top 5 tips to get the most out of your visit to wedding fairs.

1. Research

As we mentioned above, there are so many wedding fairs around over the next few months, how on earth do you choose which you'd like to attend!?

Google events is a fantastic tool for finding wedding fairs near you. You can also check out other directories such as the wedding guide or hitched, or look for local venues and follow their social media pages for planned open days where suppliers will also be exhibiting.

Once you have a list of what's on locally - or in your chosen wedding destination of you're planning a wedding in another area and are hoping to source suppliers local to there - have a think about what you are most hoping to get out of the visit. Perhaps you already have a dress and a photographer, but are looking specifically for wedding cake suppliers, or bridesmaid dresses. Have a look at the exhibitor lists and make sure this tallies with your expectations and hopes for the day.

2. Pre-Book