Wedding Makeup: 5 Top Tips For The Perfect Bridal Look

Stunning. Radiant. Glowing - three key words used to describe the perfect bridal makeup look. Your wedding day is considered one of the most important and photographed days of your life, so your makeup needs to be flawless. It is your makeup that ties the whole look together and helps make you look and feel amazing. With that in mind, here are our top 5 tips to ensure your makeup looks perfect all day and night.

1. Budget For A Professional Bridal MUA

Bridal makeup is considered one of the hardest makeup looks to do, as not only does it need to look flawless in reality but also translate well in the photographs. This is something a professional makeup artist will understand and be experienced in ways to achieve. It also needs to last! When you entrust your bridal look to a professional, you will work together to achieve a result that is based on your personal style. Leaving you to relax and enjoy the preparations knowing that your make up will look as amazing as you dance until dawn, as it does walking down the aisle, and for years to come as you relive the day through your album.

2. Research, Research, Research!

When looking for the right makeup artist, it can be very stressful and intimidating, but there is a vast range of people who have a huge variation in skills and experience so we highly recommend doing as much research as possible. Search for local makeup artists, but also if you're getting married outside of your home area, look at makeup artists based around the venue too. Ask friends and family for any recommendations - positive, personal recommendations can be worth their weight in gold. And make sure when contacting professional makeup artist, to ask for quotes and what is provided within that price.

3. Book A Trial

Once you've chosen a bridal makeup artist, we would recommend booking in a makeup trial. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the look you want, for them to advise the best way to achieve that look and for you to enjoy being pampered for a little while! Any colour tweaks or minor changes can be worked through during the trial, so that on the wedding day itself, you are fully relaxed and confident in the finished look.

A bonus top tip here, would be to arrange a date night with hubby or wife-to-be for later that day so you can go and enjoy an evening out in all your gloriousness!

4. Identify The Right Products

The type of products used for your wedding makeup could either make or break your bridal look. And this is an important point to note whether you're doing your own makeup on the day, or using a professional MUA. The products used must be long-lasting as you're going to be wearing this makeup all day; so if you're doing your own makeup, invest in some really good products. A professional makeup artist should carry a vast range of products made to be long-lasting, ensuring you stay looking your best all day!

5. Good Skincare Habits!

Our final tip is skincare. A good skincare regime is something we should all include in our day to day lives, but even more so on the run up to your big day. Three skincare rules we will have all heard a thousand times are: cleanse, tone and moisturise. The best base to any bridal look is good skin. So the earlier you can start including a good skincare routine, the better. Depending on your skin type, it is crucial to use the right products so if you're unsure of what is best, seek advise from a skincare specialist. Also, please don't introduce something new the day before your wedding as you never know how your skin will react.

We hope you're looking forward to your big day, it's the most magical time of our lives and we wish you all the joy in this special time of planning. If you haven't yet found the perfect wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses or bridal accessories then we would be delighted to help. Pop on over to our appointments page and we will have the kettle on waiting for your arrival!

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