Having a fabulous prom!

SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER; four words that a lot of kids have been waiting many years to hear! Exams are being prepared for, the reminiscing has begun; it’s kind of setting in that school’s-almost-over! Whether that sends a rush of excitement through you or there’s a touch of melancholy in that statement, your prom should be an enjoyable event where you can celebrate what you have achieved throughout your whole school journey. Lief is here to make sure that whatever your experience of school, when you walk through those doors on the eve of your prom you will feel comfortable, confident, and simply beautiful! Here at Lief we have a selection of prom dresses suited to different tastes and with 150

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Proudly serving The West Midlands, including Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Kidderminster, Solihull 

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