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We are proud to offer an in-house alterations service on all Bridal dresses. This service is available for Wedding dresses bought from Lief Bridal and also from elsewhere.

For details and to arrange an appointment to meet our seamstress please contact us via email to  

Bridal Alterations


Plain hem                                         From £90

Lace hem                                          From £110

Plain bodice                                     From £50

Detailed bodice                               From £60

Neckline reshape                           From £100

Hip to floor reshaping                 From £70

Shaping and

fitting bra to dress                        From £30

*Please note these prices are just a guide and are subject to variation depending on the structure and detailing of each dress. Quotes on pricing can only be given by our seamstress when the dress has been seen in person and the required work has been discussed. 

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