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Our Services

Destination wedding dress packing

We offer a professional packing service for destination weddings. This is for both wedding and bridesmaid dresses and includes steaming of your dress and packing it safely and securely into a storage box for you . This service starts from £40 depending on your dress style. 

*Please note that time will need to allowed on this service for dresses to fully dry after steaming.

Dress Steaming

We offer a steaming service on wedding, prom, bridesmaid, flower girl and mother of the bride/groom dresses. This service is free of charge for dresses purchased from Lief Bridal. Prices start from £30 for wedding dresses and £20 for all other dresses, for dresses that have been bought elsewhere. 

* Please note that where time allows, we like to steam dresses in the evening and leave to cool and dry fully overnight so you may be asked to return the next day to collect your dresses. 

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